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Erindale was established around the once-vital crossroads of Dundas Street, Mississauga Road, and the Credit River. Erindale first came into being in 1822 when Thomas Racey, a land speculator, bought the centre block of land to build a mill and establish a village. When Racey was unable to meet his payments, the land was auctioned off to eager settlers. By 1827, a saw mill and flour mill were operating, a post office established, a new church built, and a burgeoning village was coming to life. Erindale has had many names over its existence: it was first called Toronto, but when the post office was established, the name Credit was chosen. By the mid 1830’s the area became known as Springfield, and then later as Springfield-on-the-Credit. In 1890, the new name of Erindale was chosen after the estate of Reverend James Magrath, an early influential settler. He had named his estate “Erindale” in reference to his homeland – Ireland. Erindale was also home to Price’s dairy, and it was the first diary to produce pasteurized milk in Canada in 1904. The power of the Credit River was harnessed to produce hydro-electricity in 1910, briefly forming ‘Lake Erindale’. In 1919 a fire wiped out much of the central portion of the village, although many reminders of the past remain.
Mississauga, Ontario L5C 1B4

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